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We provide sustainable medical care and education to support communities in Sierra Leone.

Yonibana Sai Hospital

Constructed in 2009, Yonibana Sai Hospital is a fully-equipped
hospital with theatre, dental room and optical service. It is the only hospital in Sierra Leone that offers treatment and surgeries completely free of charge to anyone who walks through its doors. Each medical department is headed by a senior UK Medical Consultant.

Where is Yonibana?

The Yoni area located in Tonkolli District (Sierra Leone) has a population of over 112,000 people. There are 360 villages in the area.
Our outreach teams visit the villages in rotation and refer anyone who is unwell back to Yonibana Sai Hospital.

The hospital serves the area as well as patients from neighbouring areas, as it is the only hospital in the country serving local communities completely free of charge.
“Our ethos is based on: Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

“We pour our hearts into crafting a series of countless small acts of love. When you gather all these selfless sacrifices together, they intertwine into something profoundly beautiful, stirring the depths of the soul with warmth and tenderness.”
Devi Patel
Founder and C.E.O

Key milestones

Here you can see key milestones of the Better Lives Foundation.
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First medical camp in Yonibana Secondary School, 5,600 patients were treated

Accident victims brought to camp as no medical facilities nearby. Patients were severely injured were stabilised, treat and transported to Freetown.

Acquired 25 acre site and began construction of Yonibana Sai Hospital.

Better Lives Foundation was established as an official charity Hospital and guest house was ready to serve.

Started three camps a year with eye and hernia surgeries.

Education sponsorship started.

Start of our agricultural program.

Ebola outbreak: 4,00 death. Sierra Leone was worst hit country. Hospital had to close its doors for two years.

Approved NGO status by Sierra Leone Authority.
Reconnected with Njala Medical University.

First baby delivered at hospital. Baby was named ‘Devi’, weighing in at a healthy 7lbs.

Weekly Malnourish Support Clinic Started, Received Best NGO Award.

Hospital continues to operate 24/7 throughout the Covid-19 Period. Received More Awards.

Organised an Online Webinar on Harmful Traditional Practices in Collaboration with British Association of Social Workers. (BASW) Over 500 Attendees.

Start of Expansion project with installation of a Manual Interlocking Eco-Friendly Brick Making Machine.

Our UK Volunteers continue diligently sourcing materials for The Macmillan Cancer Support, creating beautiful handmade shoulder and drain bags for Patients.

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