Deep-rooted poverty forces families to choose between meals and life-saving medical care.
We believe families shouldn’t be sacrificing meals to pay for medical care. Medical care which we can provide but only with your continued help.

We are the only hospital in Sierra Leone that provides free healthcare and treatment to anyone who walks through our doors. We have treated over 102,000 patients completely free of charge so far.

Malaria CASES

have dropped


Has decreased


In children & adults
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Our Providing free quality care

We aim to better people’s lives and develop a self-supportive structure. We actively work to provide free education and medical support in those areas where it is scarce or virtually non-existent.

We also travel to villages nearby to facilitate preventative health care and other rural healthcare services. This includes programs such as self-management of chronic diseases, female genital mutilation (FGM), mental health, teenage pregnancy and also health and hygiene around the home, You can read more about areas of our outreach work below.
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life and foster self-reliance within communities. We are committed to offering free education, awareness and medical assistance in regions where it is limited or absent altogether.

We venture into neighbouring villages to promote preventative healthcare services, addressing issues such as the management of chronic illnesses, combating female genital mutilation (FGM), supporting mental health, tackling teenage pregnancy, and promoting health and hygiene practices within households.

Surgeries and treatments

Below is a summary of the number of procedures we have carried out, completely free of charge:
Dental Extractions
Hernia procedures
Eye consultations
spectacles dispensed
Malnourished treatments
Malaria tests and treatments
Gynae & Paediatric consultations
acute ailments


In Yonibana, the stark reality is that poverty and limited resources often rob children of their fundamental right to proper nourishment. But thanks to your generous support, our malnutrition program is making a significant impact. Guided by the expertise of local clinicians trained according to World Health Organization standards, we've provided comprehensive care to over 1,733 children, ensuring they receive the vital nutrition they need to thrive. Your donations transforming lives, one meal at a time.

We assess malnutrition types and severity, treating the underlying infections and dehydration, we ensure each child receives essential nutrition, free of charge.

Through regular follow-ups, we monitor their progress, ensuring they not only survive but thrive.

Donate today to provide hunger relief in poverty-stricken rural Sierra Leone and help us prevent malnutrition.


Age range: 26 days to 3 years and two months old

Plumpy nut dispensed
MILK POWDER dispensed

Our impact

26 malnourished children per 100
12 malnourished children per 100


Malaria casts a long shadow over Sierra Leone, posing a significant threat to the entire population. It stands as one of the nation's foremost causes of illness and death. Nearly four in ten hospital consultations stem from this relentless disease, with children under five bearing a particularly high risk. In response, our hospital extends a helping hand, offering free care and precise microscopy testing through our dedicated lab team.

For severe cases, we provide inpatient management, while outpatient pharmaceutical support is made possible through collaboration with the Government of Sierra Leone. Taking a comprehensive approach, our outreach program engages communities through public forums, spreading awareness of prevention strategies and providing interventions like mosquito nets. By addressing malaria holistically, we aim to instigate systemic change from the grassroots level.

Aligned with the World Health Organization's ambitious goal to eradicate malaria by 2050, we're committed to fighting this scourge every step of the way.

Minor injuries

We stand as a beacon of relief for minor injuries in the region. From cuts and burns to sprains and limb ulcers, our dedicated unit offers a one-stop solution for prompt care

The prevalence of such injuries is substantial in our region and throughout Sierra Leone, largely due to the physical demands of agricultural and other economic activities. However, inadequate hygiene practices often exacerbate these wounds, leading to infections and serious complications. Our trained clinicians are equipped to address these concerns swiftly, providing expert treatment, dressing, and thorough follow-up care.

We extend our commitment beyond the hospital walls, actively engaging local communities to promote insights into wound hygiene practices, all at no cost. Our mission is clear: to provide comprehensive care and empower communities to safeguard against minor injuries.

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