social care

Our outreach programmes deliver preventative workshops on health and wellbeing, social care, sex education, grassroots sexually transmitted infections, female genital mutilation and teenage pregnancies.
With heartfelt dedication, our outreach programs tirelessly deliver workshops aimed at preventing health issues, promoting well-being, and providing crucial social care support. We approach sensitive topics like sex education with empathy, and we're committed to eradicating harmful practices like female genital mutilation. Together, we strive to empower communities and protect the vulnerable, fostering a brighter, healthier future for all.

Working in partnership

Working in partnership is central to our work and this is carried out with several UK and Sierra Leone hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and non-governmental organisations.
These include

• King’s College Hospital
• Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
• London School of Tropical Medicine
• Royal Papworth Hospital
• Sigma Pharmaceutical

• Day Lewis Pharmacy
• Choitaram Hospital
• Masanga Hospital
• Northern University
• Miro Forestry and Saturn Amenities Corporation


Our work has been published in the British Medical Journal, Pharmaceutical and Dental Association.
We have also been invited to give talks at

• Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
• Southend BMI Hospital
• London School of Tropical Medicine
• Royal College of Surgeons and British Medical Association

Better Lives Foundation and Yonibana Sai Hospital has achieved recognition from Ministry of Health & Sanitation; Referral Hospital, Yoni Chiefdom.

In 2019, 2020, and 2021, we proudly received the prestigious Most Outstanding Organization award. Additionally, in 2021, we were honoured with the Outstanding and Emerging Leader of the Year award. Furthermore, we celebrated a significant milestone as the first-ever surgeon qualified in the Yoni Chiefdom.



40% of the population live on just 90p a day!


Ensuring sustainability is vital for any agricultural project to thrive. We understand the harmony between commercial goals and ethical principles, leading us to foster a culture of ethics in all our endeavours.
We're dedicated to reaching our project goals and have initiated a program to utilize the 25 acres of land surrounding the Yonibana hospital. Our team has introduced various crop varieties, enriching the agricultural diversity of the area.

Additionally, we have access to more agricultural land near the hospital for future crop expansion, which will also generate employment opportunities for local communities.

Crops we can grow

Assorted vegetables

42 local volunteers

Actively involved in our
agricultural project.

Head of
the project

Teaches local volunteers
valuable skills.

Second largest

Rice farm in Yonibana.

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