We have adopted schools in Yonibana to provide educational sponsorship to students from secondary to graduate level. Allowing them to have a livelihood and support their future families.

We have a sponsorship scheme in place and continue to support professional development, ranging from doctors, nurses, health workers, social workers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, accountants, teachers and agriculturalists. More than a decade after the construction of Yonibana Sai Hospital, we are now expanding the hospital to ensure it meets the growing needs of the communities that depend on it.

77 Students

Sponsored by us. This includes fees, educational material, accommodation, transport and food costs.


Of those who qualify return to work at Yonibana Sai Hospital

Holistic care

Our volunteers are truly invested in providing the best education possible, and understand the importance of mental wellbeing.

Our full sponsorship program provides students’ academic education, training as well as looking after their spiritual and emotional needs. All our students are made aware of the importance of prevention over treatment of diseases. Our continuing professional development training includes empathetic communications skills, time keeping, professionalism and hygiene.

Bringing high quality education

Our education program consists of both graduate level studies and in-house (continuous professional development) training by our professional volunteers. The professions undertaken by our students include: