Ways you can get involved


Give your time to change the lives of struggling communities in Sierra Leone. By joining our volunteering team, you can use your skills and passion to make a positive difference.
Volunteers are at the heart of everything Better Lives Foundation accomplishes. Our efforts are made possible solely through the unwavering commitment of our volunteers.
Our volunteers generously offer their support and services at no cost, covering their own travel and accommodation expenses. They bring extensive experience from working on medical projects in developing nations, spanning both medical and non-medical fields.

We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our team! Regardless of your skills or availability, your contribution can make a meaningful impact. Join us in making a difference—we're always seeking dedicated volunteers like you.

Why join our team?

Volunteering offers numerous advantages, including skill development, increased confidence, and the chance to support causes close to your heart. Whatever your motivation, expect to enjoy yourself and connect with amazing individuals.

Through volunteering, you'll empower others to pursue their dreams and inspire further acts of kindness. The fulfilment you experience will radiate, brightening the lives of those around you. Moreover, volunteering enriches your professional life.


  • Make a positive impact and contribute to improving people's lives.
  • Acquire social and technical skills applicable in various work settings.
  • Strengthen your resume.
  • Cultivate interpersonal, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Obtain practical international work experience.
  • Connect with inspiring individuals.
  • Boost your physical fitness.
  • Gain clarity on your career direction.

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Select Volunteer Options


By raising funds for us, you can help us make a lasting difference to the poorest communities in Sierra Leone. Remember, any amount you raise makes a huge impact on the work we do.


Get active:

  • Get walking, run a marathon, get on your bike
  • Have a spring clean, sell the items in a car boot or online and donate to us

Get crafty:

Whether it’s crocheting, painting or making woodcrafts, get creative and sell your crafts to raise funds.


  • Organise a coffee/tea morning, speak to your employer about making us their choice of charity
  • Do collections during festivals and celebrations like Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan
  • Raffle, trivia/quiz night
  • Bake-off

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