Human values at our core

The backbone of Better Lives Foundation is based on the five human values of: love, truth, peace, right conduct and non-violence. The project is a sign of the symbolic importance of this ethos, taking the five human values to generate and implement the master plan for the hospital.

At the heart of the project will lay a fountain, with a lotus flower. Connected to this will be informal parkland with five formal gardens to symbolise each human value. Free medical treatment, excellence of care, and training local staff are the founding principles of Better Lives Foundation’s work.


We want to utilise natural resources given to us by Mother Earth; water, sun and earth itself.

The hospital will be built using the excavated land from our site to build the load-bearing walls with the “rammed earth” construction technique, using compressed raw earth mixture which will give the building sufficient thermal inertia to keep temperature and humidity constant inside. The great advantage is that the material is available locally, and there’s limited need for cement or highly specialised workers. An eye on sustainability, right from the construction phase!

Born from the earth, the building will get its energy from the sun, with solar panels and wind turbines to provide all the energy the hospital needs. The system will ensure that the hospital has an autonomous electricity supply during the day. Underground water through existing and new bore wells will provide for the hospital’s needs, allowing it to be a self-reliant independent entity.

By improving the lumbering process, locally sourced eucalyptus trees - normally used only for roof trusses and scaffolding because it tends to shrink, twist and crack - will be turned into a sturdy enough material to be used for the main roof structures. On our site the hospital will be surrounded by nature and trees. The greenery will be the close horizon of its residents, and the park-llike setting a metaphor for their healing process.