Renu Gidoomal

From setting up luxury Holistic Spas to singing in front of an audience of 20,000 in Trafalgar Square, Renu Gidoomal continues to live an interesting life post the Pandemic lockdown.

In the 1980’s Renu trained as a Holistic Practitioner and practised for 7 years when a severe car accident compromised her ability to work. From a Business owner and a Practitioner, she became a Patient suffering chronic pain and depression.

A gloomy outlook forced her to face the dark prospects and turn it around with a positive intention to offer whatever she had in service to Life. This attitudinal shift brought some magical opportunities her way - flying her to Dubai, Manila, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and even Panama!

Turning her musical experience of 8 solo Indie albums and teaching experience of vocal and rhythm guitar, Renu began an online Music show in March 2020 called ‘Positive Vibes’ singing in various
languages and genres to an international audience.

The combination of uplifting voice and guitar from Bhajans to Bollywood and Sufi to Soul, with positive conversation has made it a steadfast diary date for many on a Sunday. She celebrated her 100th Episode in April 2021 and plans to carry on serving an international community of listeners as long as the need is there.

“I consider myself a Holistic Entertainer”, says Renu Gidoomal, "and my passion is to connect people with each other through threads of common experience (community = common unity) and with themselves through Music, Humour and Positive Conversation.”
• 2023 The Lodha
• Award for Services to the Community as a Singer and Musician
• 2024 The IIW Award (Inspiring Indian Women) for Service to the Community through Music and various Voluntary Activities

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