Be part of our hospital expansion

92,000 patients later, we are now expanding the hospital to ensure it meets the growing needs of the communities that depend on it.

We are extremely proud to be the only hospital in Sierra Leone that provides free treatment to whoever walks through its doors. We want to ensure anyone who needs treatment can come to us without having to think or worry about finances. When you are in pain, you certainly don’t need additional stress.

It’s simple. Families shouldn’t be sacrificing meals to pay for medical care. Medical care which we can provide but only with your continued help. Your compassion and generosity is needed to help make our vision of hope a reality.

Why Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone has the third highest infant mortality rate in the world. Providing surgical care is paramount to improving the situation.

Deep rooted poverty means individuals and families cannot pay for day-to-day medication or life-saving treatments.

We are the only hospital in Sierra Leone that provides free treatment to anyone who walks through its doors.

What we are planning to build

With your support, we aim to construct new wings for each of the following specialties:

We will also be the first ever dental university in Sierra Leone. The expansion will also include a library and inpatient general medicine.

Our approach

Our vision

Our vision is to develop the current hospital to a model of medical excellence, be environmentally sustainable. To also empower locals with job opportunities by investing in skills development. As well as responding to the immediate needs of the population, we commit to train local staff, to allow them to eventually become self-sufficient.

We are working in line with Sierra Leone’s medium-term national development plan (MTNDP), to prioritises human capital development as the overarching goal of the government: "A nation with, empowered and healthy citizens capable of realising their fullest potential.”

The new wings will be aligned around the park and connected by a sheltered walkway. The layout will allow future expansion and growth as per the community needs.

This expansion proposal reflects our journey and future ambitions to create an University Teaching Hospital, which will continue to serve the people of Sierra Leone.

Outdoor pathways and seating areas will surround the park to build a connection with the interior and exterior. The buildings will break the distinction between the various zones, creating a unity between the park and the internal hospital environment.

On the fringes of the grounds, will be a vegetable garden together with a fruit orchard and support units that will bring education, employment and a sense of wellbeing, promoting a foundation for the local community.

Once complete, it will continue to provide top quality free healthcare for the people of Sierra Leone and neighbouring countries.

It will become a centre of excellence in training:

Challenges we face

The challenge of this expansion project is to combine the practical requirements of a surgical hospital in West Africa with the desire to create a modern piece of architecture which is firmly embedded in tradition.

Your support is vital to the success of our vision.

We need assistance with:

Help us make it happen

Sponsors and corporate donations

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