Ways you can get involved


Give your time to change the lives of struggling communities in Sierra Leone. By joining our volunteering team, you can use your skills and passion to make a positive difference.


When you book a holiday or cruise with Charitable Travel, you can make a free 5% donation to us – at no extra cost to you!
Charitable Travel have partnered with around 200 trusted holiday brands, so howevr you like to travel, and wherever you want to go – they can help plan and book your perfect break. Check out the video below to find out how it works.

How do I book?

Head over to charitable.travel and find your next destination. Don’t forget to mention Better Lives Foundation as your chosen charity!

We are extremely grateful to Charitable Travel for supporting us. We hope you will explore everything Charitable Travel has to offer.

Every week Charitable Travel has amazing weekly offers. Take a look now and support our work with your next holiday booking.

Turn compassion into action

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