Donate your birthday

It’s your special day! Instead of receiving presents, why not pass on the gifts of life-saving treatments and surgeries or education to those who need them most?

Enjoy the gift of giving! Ask your friends and families for donations instead of gifts.

With your gift, we will be able to provide for families and communities unable to afford medical care.

Anyone who walks through the doors of Yonibana Sai Hospital are treated completely free of charge. No one should be left untreated, especially those who can’t help themselves.

Psst – this does make you a superhero for saving lives! Setting up a birthday fundraiser is as easy as blowing out candles on your cake!

How to get started…

Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Set up a fundraiser on: Facebook, GoodHub, or make a donation
2. Share with your social media networks, Whatsapp contacts, family and friends
3. Download and share the images below on your social media, so that your network knows what an amazing thing you are doing for Better Lives Foundation and how you’re changing lives.

We thank you for making your birthday wish through us.

On behalf of Better Lives Foundation – we wish you love and light on YOUR special day!

Download and share

Use the images below to share on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.
Let your friends and family know how they can help you make a difference!